Kick off for Modern Day Muses

A first Modern Day Muses studio session took place in Vienna this Spring. Pia Clodi portrayed women in new, emerging professions such as blogging or social media as well as young entrepreneuristas in arts & flowers.


I have struggled with images of beauty all my adulthood. Dealing with an eating disorders from age 13 on, I never enjoyed the look in the mirror, never saw what I wanted to see.

What I wanted to see. Greatly influenced by images of beauty in the media, ubiquitous images of beauty equalling success and the mystery of love, presenting itself like this to me: Men who enjoyed the company of beautiful women. 

Naturally, I wanted to be beautiful. But I also wanted to understand EVERYTHING about life and art and I wanted to learn, to study, to speak and exchange about it. Yet I soon had to realise, I didn’t have a voice, I didn’t trust my opinions - I didn’t LOOK successful to me and walking without confidence straightening your back is like walking on thin ice. At any moment ready to start crackling.

Pia Clodi by Theresa Pewal


We have come a long way.

Maybe it’s less selfish than I used to think it was, to have an I. It gives you and your environment something to work with. I enjoy people who have an I, they are usually also the ones ready to take the responsibility. So I. I will take the responsibility for my image of beauty. And I will paint my own: I have started working on a series of portraits of inspiring women, I call them my muses. I want to surround myself with and exchange with them, I want to lift any limiting belief and understand, undertake, MAKE beauty, because this is what I have learnt to do along the way. It's my longing, my exercise. My own success thereby, that I am escaping the room of the image, that I am finding a voice as well and it has always been a written one for me.

My dear Theresa Pewal is reflecting herself in this portrait of me. Thank you for this, you skillful girl - thank you for making me trust you so much with a piece of mirror, which you managed to reflect back as a piece of love. I am so glad to share this journey with someone as beautiful a heart and human as you.

Portraits by Theresa Pewal

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