About modern day muses


I am exploring female roles today. The muse as a symbol for an overcome image of what women should be and act like to be admired and praised. Rather than being reduced to mere objects of superficial admiration, my Modern Day Muses have taken agency.

Without advocating for or against career versus family, since life isn’t measured in absolutes, these women illustrate different paths and a broad variety of approaches of how to live a fulfilled life and thus becoming true role models. Though many of them may not yet be displayed on magazine covers, my Modern Day Muses have excelled in their fields of expertise and live an accomplished life, sometimes away from the public eye. What does a fulfilled life for a woman look like? What does success mean for them?

I am happy for you to come along on this exploration - I believe it is a worthwhile one.  These are the real-life success-stories that relate to us - a new generation of women. 


Siri Hustvedt

Spending an hour with Siri was amongst the most inspirational times I have experienced. Her vocation to explore female geniuses such as Margret Cavendish & Emmi Noether is touching my search at it's core - why do we not know about these feminine heroines? Let's find out more...


Emma BengtSson

The Michelin Star Girl-Boss at one of New York's No 1 Addresses "Aquavit" Chef Emma Bengtson about her style of leading as a personal rather than a feminine approach. A new form of collaboration.


Doris Raymond

Doris is really one of a kind, in every way. Her warm voice and kind eyes captivated me immediately. I almost forgot to turn on the recorder, because we started such an inspiring conversation right away. She's been a business owner for some 30 years, much to learn from this self-made woman, advisor to many vintage lovers such as Florence Welch and most artisan collector. 


Christina Wallace

Hear more about my meeting with this one of a kind muse soon - Christina Wallace is taking New York in a storm after having had to start from zero. Talking to her about a fine line between failing and success.


Silia Eleftheriadou

This greek goddess has embraced the world of Social Media and paired with her photographic talents she has created a very modern job description for herself: The Viennese girl is inspiring the cities visitors and inhabitants likewise with ever new spots and ideas to discover Vienna.


Lisa Semler

Visiting Lisa on their Malibu estate was like walking into a kind of dream land. This I thought is exactly where I would like to raise kids! Well Lisa did just that, in total 9 of them and now keeps busy with grand children. Her muse she disclosed in our lovely chat, would be her husband. Which brought to my mind, that yes, muses actually don't need to wear a gender corset these days. Quite freeing..!


Ursula Hessenflow

Ursula is exactly the kind of muse I was seeking to uncover - far from limelights she is just running her third successful start-up, making it decently possible to test for sexual disease in the privacy of your own home - find out more about a personal take on business & entrepreneurship from this one of a kind muse. 


Geetika Agrawal

This girl had me smiling brightly from one ear to the next within minutes. From TED Talks to Non-Profits: seems like this savvy muse can shine in any field. As winner of Cannes' Silver Lion, Geetika could already look back on an accomplished design career, when she turned her back on New York and started her own thing - her travel start-up VAWAA, vacationing with artists could just be the right thing to get your inspirational tanks refueled. 


Karen Alexander

Although stepping into the footsteps of photographers such as Herb Ritts, Peter Lindbergh or Patrick Demarchelier who have been companions over decades of this talented muses career. talking to her was just like meeting with an old friend. Karen was among the model shooting stars of the 90s and you know what I felt when I met her? That she is growing ever more beautiful. Having had a daughter at the age of 47 and an incurable disease to tackle. This muse has a lot to tell about life and it's manifolded adventures...


Marion Vincenta Payr

Photography is an interesting talent to trade these days. It has become so widely available in the past decade and has produced an army of amateurs. Counting myself in, although having taken quite a different road than Marion, who started working the medium with her iPhone. Having grown as a photographer as well as a business owner & instagramer with a wide reach it was such a bliss exchanging with her about our craft, the work behind it and success beyond social media following. 


Jennifer Edwards

Now I would like you to meet who I want to call a muse. Someone who follows their gut feeling, Someone who trusts their instincts, follows her gut feeling, listens to her body. Yoga has brought her the bliss she was seeking and missing in corporate consulting. How to look like 25 when you are more than 60 and other secrets to be revealed in our talk.

Yifat Oren

Yifat has likely kept her cool through quite some action - having planned events and weddings for some of the most prestigious clients in Hollywood. Meeting her left me with no wonder why. She is to the point, professional and has an absolutely spot on sense of style. What a pleasure to exchange with her about the challenges of growing her own business and having kids at the same time.


Natalie Chapman

Beyonce has worn her fashion and yet the Austrian Designer stayed humble: Knowing what success means to her, has helped her find her very own approach to fashion and a highly competitive industry.  


Melany Bennett

Melany has your eye. When she entered the room I knew my camera would love her and I was almost dissapointed with myself - did I pick her for the good looks? Not what I had in mind for my MDM challenge. But talking to her I found out that here's a muse far beyond the classic picture she might portray as - I discovered one of those fearless women I am endlessly inspired by.  


Fiona Seidl

This lady has been a friend and muse for  many years. Deceiving the "just a pretty face" image beautiful women like her might have, she is among the most hands on and unpretentious people I know. Her floral crafts have also inspired some of Peaches&Mints most fabulous shooting adventures - although she technically shouldn't have been allowed to practice her art in Austria. Let's never say never with this muse..!