Thank you for stopping by and your interest in my work. I am passionate about my clients, who are both individuals as well as corporations interested in creating unique visual identities, distinctive portraits and editorial stories.

Past collaborations include:

Hütthaler, Mexbert, Camerata Salzburg, Ernst & Young, Elfenkleid, Comme Soie, Cake Couture, Mario Mauroner Contemporary amongst others. My great love for music has led to collaborations with various artists & musicians: Ivor Bolton, John Smith, Clara Blume, Robert Palfrader, Marelize Gerber, Elisabeth Breuer, Christopher Maltman, Lavinia Dames and many more.

Currently I am artist in residency at Gärtnerei Doll, Salzburg, busy traveling to stunning places and telling love stories with my own label Peaches&Mint, collaborating with talented folks and shooting personal portrait work.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a collaboration.



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